While the typical day of every web developer differs greatly, I'm going to walk you through one of my typical days as a web developer.

The Morning

Because I work from home and get to set my schedule to a degree, my day starts at 5am. I climb out of bed, put one some sweat pants and a hoodie (Who doesn't want to be comfortable?) and head to the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee. Once coffee is going I turn on my computer and sit down at my work station. Believe it or not, it takes a little work just to be able to start working. When I get on the computer I have to start up all my tools: Dreamweaver, Asana, Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Slack, and Spotify. On some days I'll also need to start up Photoshop and the Terminal.

Once I get everything up and running I go through the project I'm currently working on and figure out what needs to be done still, and what I should work on next. Do I need to finish building out the homepage and structure? Do I need to add content and images? Do I need to adjust anything I already built? Once I figure that out I get started. Because I'm a front end developer most of my time is spent taking a picture of a layout and turning it into a real site. This means a lot of HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript and PHP.

Waking Everyone Up

I'm usually able to get a few hours of work done in the morning before I have to wake up my family to get ready for the day. I take a break while I wake everyone up, eat breakfast, get the kids situated for the day and off to school. Once everyone is gone to school or work, I can come back home and get back to work. Usually by the time I get home and back to work the rest of my co workers have signed online and a few customer support tasks will filter in to me. These typically consist of small things like changing some text or adding a page to a site. Once I knock those tickets out I can get back to work building the new site. At any given time I'll be building 2-4 new sites and I'm constantly making changes and updates to dozens of live sites.

Lunch and the rest of the day

Eventually I get hungry. Most days I'll eat lunch at my desk, but sometimes I just need to get away from a project and let my mind process stuff so I eat at the table. The really nice thing about working from home is that I can eat whenever I want (I tend to snack a lot during the day), but the downside is since I'm at home it's pretty easy to get distracted (I also spend a lot of time playing with the pets.) One important thing I've learned over time though is that sometimes to figure out the best way to accomplish something you need to stop working on it and do something else. When you stop focusing on a task your brain can work on the problem better. So to help me stay focused I'll switch tasks a handful of times throughout the day. 

Most days I finish work around 2:45 when I go pick my kids up from school, but sometimes there are projects that just need to get done, so when I get home I'll have to sign back on and keep working. On rare occasions I'll get up early on a Saturday and work a while.