What is a web developer?

Wikipedia defines a web developer as "A web developer is a programmer who specializes in, or is specifically engaged in, the development of World Wide Web applications, or distributed network applications that are run over HTTP from a web server to a web browser."

So what does that mean?

Essentially, a web developer is a person who writes a sets of instructions for a computer to follow. What is special about web developers is that the instructions, or code, that the write lives in a special computer called a server and is compiled and interpreted by the server, and the information is then sent to your computer when you visit the website. After getting the information from a server, your web browser then will render the site to show you when the website looks like. Web developer are responsible for all the code that makes a website look and function the way it does.


What tools does a web developer use?

A web developer uses many many tools. The first most being a computer. It's pretty hard to make websites with out a computer. Below are two lists, simple & advanced, of things, programs and online tools a web developer might use.


  • A text-editor (like notepad++, dreamweaver, or atom)
  • An FTP client (like filezilla or cyberduck)
  • A photo editing tool (Like photoshop)


  • A text-editor (notepad++, dreamweaver, atom)
  • An FTP client (filezilla or cyberduck)
  • A photo editing tool (photoshop)
  • A version control system (Git or Subverion)
  • A dependencies manager (npm, homebrew)
  • An image compression tool (TinyPNG)
  • A SASS or LESS compiler
  • A local web server software (Apache, NodeJS, etc)
  • A database software
  • A taskrunning (Gulp or Grunt)
  • Code Frameworks (Like CodeIgniter or Express)
  • Code Libraries (jQuery, AngularJS, React)
  • A templating engine (Twig, Jade, Handlebars)
  • API documentation

How much does a web developer make?

Salaries for web developer can range greatly, starting as low as $30,000/year and going as high as $150,000/year or more. The median, or average, salary is $64,970. A web developer's salary is very much based on experience, knowledge, and location. The more you know, and the more you can do, the more you get paid. The highest paid developer usually run entire teams or departments of developers and work for major companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, or even Nike and Amazon.