This website was built to help young people understand what a web developer is and how to become one. Web development is an extraordinarily rewarding career both personally and financially. This website was build by Daniel T Clancy using Joomla and the Gantry Framework.

Who is Daniel?

Daniel is a professional web developer who both works full time for a not-for-profit company and does freelance work. His day job is a software developer, but he's always learning and training to become a better full stack developer. He love coding and building websites and wants everyone to learn to code. Coding makes the world a better, smarter place.

How did you become a Web Developer, Daniel?

I took a pretty funny path to web development. I started learning programming in middle school (I learned C++) and I ended up going to college for Mathematics. I bounced from school to school (3 different colleges) and attended for 6 years before I dropped out and worked a Best Buy and Geek Squad. From there I ended up at a car dealership selling cars, but got moved to the internet department. While I was there I signed up for a website called Team Treehouse and spend 8 month teaching myself to code and build websites. After I had built a few website for people I knew and myself I started applying for dev jobs and finally got one. Since that first one I've moved around jobs a bit but now I love where I'm at and am growing a lot.

Have questions?

You can shoot me an email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..